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In September of 2017, Alexa began a new job with PPL where she was introduced to her cubemate, Horst. The two slowly got to know each other more in the engineering realm before they went to their first concert together, Rob Zombie. It was that night that Alexa determined that Horst would now be known as Jarrett (inevitably confusing everyone else in their lives because of her switching between the names) after meeting his father, who goes by the same name. 


Fast Forward after many concerts, game nights, and hangouts with Horst and the girls, the two started officially dating in September 2019.



After practically living together through the pandemic, Horst officially asked Alexa to move in with him and the girls in September 2020. Horst will now never hear the end of having to work storm the weekend that Alexa moved in, in March of 2021 



Finally, after months of persuasion, the family expanded to include a very special springer spaniel, Joule. The puppy came home with them in July 2022 when she was nine weeks old and has since become one of the most loved and spoiled puppies that exist.


On a starry night, while on the way to dinner, Horst and Alexa took a detour to a park that ran alongside a creek, but more importantly a transmission line.  While walking through the park the two discussed the Transmission Line when Horst stopped aside the creek. It was there that Horst asked Alexa to marry him on March 11, 2023, and she said YES!

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